Do you make ice cream cakes/pies?

Yes, we sure do! All information is here!

What's so special about Peacock's Ice Cream?

Unlike some ice cream and gelato places, we pretty much make everything from scratch ourselves (including our mix ins), using all natural ingredients, free of artificial flavours and colour.

Before we started making our own ice cream, we assumed that gelato and scoop shops were a bit like bakeries with pastry chefs in the back making everything from scratch. Sadly, not so. Many places use a powdered ice cream/ gelato mix, add milk (or even water), and then perhaps use another mix for flavouring or create their own flavour. Does it taste good? Sure, more than likely. Is it ice cream the way nature intended? Well...


You talk a lot about ice cream and gelato. What's the difference?

The first thing you need to know is that gelato simply means "ice cream" or "frozen" in Italian. But there are differences: mainly, gelato is usually made with more milk than cream, doesn't usually contain egg yolks, has more sugar and less fat than ice cream, and is typically served at a warmer temperature than ice cream (which is why it's not scooped but rather smeared onto a cone or into a cup using a paddle). 

At Peacock's Ice-Cream, we make premium North American-style ice cream using fresh cream, milk, and free-range eggs inspired by our roots and travels. 

Nice! But what exactly is "North American style" ice cream?

North American ice cream is richer and creamier than gelato. It also tends to have more inclusions such as brownie/ cake/ cookie dough chunks and caramel/ marshmallow swirls. Think Ben and Jerry's only better! 😜


How do you make your ice cream?

It's a labour-intensive 3 (yes, THREE) day process. The first day involves cooking (a.k.a. pasteurising) the ice cream base (milk, cream, egg yolks, etc). Once pasteurised it's quickly cooled and then "aged" over night at a cool temperature. This allows all the delicious ingredients to meld together and bring out the flavour.

On the second day we make the add-ins (such as caramel, cookie dough, swirls etc.) before churning the ice cream. Once the ice cream has churned, we quickly package the ice cream up and place it in the freezer to harden up. 

Day three is the best because the ice cream is ready, packed up, and then en route to our lucky customers.


Wow, that's intense. Ok, but how do you ensure food safety?

We are registered with Glasgow City Council Environmental Health and take food safety very seriously (obviously). We hold the Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety Certificate and follow the CookSafe guidelines from Food Standards Scotland.


Besides your website where else can I buy your ice cream?

Check out our stockists here!

Does your ice cream contain raw egg yolks?

No. Although we use egg yolks in our ice cream, they are pasteurised (along with the rest of the ingredients in our house-made base mix). 


Is your ice cream suitable for vegetarians?

100%! All of the ingredients and inclusions in our ice cream are suitable for vegetarians whether it's our house-made marshmallow fluff or even regular ol' marshmallows (we use Freedom Mallows). We ALWAYS use veggie/ vegan marshmallows. We will never use gelatine or any products containing gelatine in any of our ice creams. 


Do you make vegan ice cream?

Yes, we do! At the moment the vegan range is quite limited but we're always experimenting with new vegan flavours.


Do you make gluten-free ice cream?

Sorry, we do not as our kitchen is not gluten-free. 


Hey, I'm from Chicago; any relation to Peacock Ice Cream Company?

No, but George sure sounded like my kinda guy


How can I contact you?

Drop us an email: scream (at) peacocksicecream.com