We’re on a mission to make the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted.

Handmade from the Best Ingredients

We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients for our ice cream including milk and cream from Scottish family-run dairies to fresh Amalfi lemons and gourmet French chocolate.

Unique Original Flavours

Although we aim to set new standards for classic flavours like Vanilla and Cookies & Cream, we're known for our one-of-a-kind flavours like Canadian Campfire, Gold, and Sakura.

Rich & Creamy North American Style

Our ice cream is made with more than double the amount of cream you might find in gelato. Rich, creamy, smooth and packed full of housemade inclusions like caramel ribbons, cookie dough and fruit swirls. The way proper ice cream should be. 😊

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    Grab a pint (or two!)

Our History

Hello, I'm Jennifer; your local friendly purveyor of ice cream. I've been making ice cream for a few years, mainly as a hobby, and in the summer of 2020 I started selling tubs of ice cream to my friends and neighbours in the Southside of Glasgow.

After selling out week after week, I made the leap in November 2020 and set up a small creamery in Cessnock in order to increase production.

The journey continues and I'm excited to finally be opening our first scoop shop in the summer of 2024!

So why ice cream? Well, firstly who doesn't love ice cream!? It's joyful, delicious, and truly a simple pleasure in this complicated world. ​

And secondly, I missed the premium ice cream that is available in my native home of Canada but not so much in Scotland: a creamy custard base made from scratch and crammed full of homemade add-ins.

Peacock's Ice Cream starts with fresh Scottish whole milk, cream, and free range egg yolks with flavours often inspired by my Canadian roots.

I am passionate about making ice cream the way it was always intended: fresh, all natural, and made from scratch using the best ingredients.

Why Peacock’s?

Peacock is the name of my Mother's family. They were (and are) enterprising, stubborn, kind, and generous. Be like a Peacock - though not like an actual peacock because they're quite territorial and kinda mean. Plus it makes a cool logo, don't you think?